Areas of Expertise

Cybersecurity is a broad field that encompasses many areas and specializations. Some of the top cybersecurity areas of expertise are:

– “Cloud security”: This involves protecting data stored on cloud computing platforms from being leaked, stolen, or deleted by unauthorized third parties.
– “Data loss prevention”: This involves preventing sensitive or critical data from being accessed, copied, or transferred by unauthorized users or devices.
– “Application security”: This involves securing software applications from malicious attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in their design, development, or deployment.
– “Incident response and forensic analysis”: This involves investigating and responding to security breaches, incidents, or events, and collecting and analyzing digital evidence to identify the source, scope, and impact of the attack.
– “Network defense”: This involves monitoring, detecting, and preventing unauthorized access or attacks on network devices, systems, or resources.
“Threat intelligence”: This involves collecting, analyzing, and sharing information about current or emerging cyber threats, such as actors, methods, targets, or indicators of compromise.
– “Scripting”: This involves creating and using scripts or programs to automate tasks, build tools, or perform analysis using languages such as Python or PowerShell.
– “Controls and frameworks”: This involves applying and adhering to standards, policies, guidelines, or best practices for cybersecurity, such as NIST, ISO, CIS, or SOC 2.
– “Intrusion detection”: This involves using tools or techniques to identify unauthorized or malicious activity on a network or system, such as signatures, anomalies, or heuristics.
– “Security testing”: This involves performing vulnerability assessments or penetration tests to identify and exploit weaknesses in a network or system.

Cyber Security is a very complex field and is composed of a number of sub-fields (ares of expertise) such as:

Cyber Forensics

Incident Response

Information Assurance

Penetration Test

Threat Intelligence

Red-Blue Cyber Teams

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