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Factory Automation

Factory automation, or industrial automation, is the “connecting up of factory equipment” to improve the efficiency and reliability of “process control systems”. This in turn leads to lower costs, improved quality, increased flexibility, and less environmental impact. Factory automation describes the methodologies or systems that employ extensive electronic and mechanical automation to control tasks and processes that have limited human input. Factories must work within the constraints of competition, regulation, security, quality, and cost effectiveness┬╣.

Factory automation can involve different types of equipment and systems, such as:

– Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) that manage work and transfers by controlling equipment, timing, and sequencing
– Manufacturing information systems that collect, analyze, and display data for monitoring and optimizing production
– Motion control systems that regulate the speed, position, and torque of motors and actuators
– Robotic systems that perform precise and repetitive tasks, such as machining, assembling and packaging

Factory automation can provide various benefits for businesses, such as:

– Enhancing productivity and output by reducing downtime, errors, and waste
– Improving safety and ergonomics by replacing human workers in hazardous or strenuous environments
– Increasing flexibility and adaptability by allowing quick changes in product design or demand
– Saving energy and resources by optimizing the use of power, water, and materials

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