Material Handling

Material handling is the “movement, protection, storage, and control of materials and goods” from one location to another. Material handling automation refers to the use of the “latest technologies” to move the parts of the products to the desired place and desired time. It involves the use of “robotic systems, conveyors, automated storage and retrieval systems, automated guided vehicles, etc.” that can perform tasks such as loading, unloading, sorting, picking, packing, storing, and distributing materials and goods. Material handling automation can “improve efficiency, productivity, quality, safety, and profitability” of the operations by reducing labor costs, human errors, material damages, and operational delays. Material handling automation can also “increase flexibility, scalability, and adaptability” of the operations by allowing easy reconfiguration and integration of equipment and systems to meet changing demands and new product introductions.

Top Recruiter NETwork recruits for the technical positions involved in material handling such as:

– Material Handling Engineer: A material handling engineer designs, develops, and implements material handling systems and equipment that improve the efficiency, safety, and quality of the operations. They also troubleshoot and maintain existing material handling systems and equipment and provide technical support and training to the users.
– Automation Engineer – Material Handling: An automation engineer – material handling applies the latest technologies and software to automate the material handling processes and tasks. They also monitor, test, and optimize the performance of the automated material handling systems and equipment and ensure their integration with other systems.

Top Recruiter NETwork has experience working with a number of companies in the Material Handling Industry in recruiting hardware, software, and sales engineers for companies in the USA Material Handling industry.

Top Recruiter NETwork places key talent for the positions below:

Material Handling Positions

  • Application Engineers
  • Automation Engineers
  • Controls Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Product Engineers
  • Systems Engineers

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