Controls, Electrical, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and Mechanical

multi-craft technician

Maintenance Technician (MultiCraft) troubleshoots and performs electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic repairs. Maintenance technicians assist in new equipment installation and conduct preventive maintenance for existing equipment.

Responsibilities and Duties include the application of one or more craft skills (i.e. controls, electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic) to install, fabricate, troubleshoot, repair, and maintain a wide variety of production systems and facility equipment.

This involves the troubleshooting and maintenance of a wide variety of complex mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic equipment and systems such as motors, pumps, piping systems, conveyor systems, AGVs, PLCs, production machinery, and instrumentation equipment

A multi-craft technician also performs preventative maintenance activities of all types of equipment sometimes requiring extensive dismantling, re-assemble, critical adjustment, lubrication, and/or calibration and installs new machinery and equipment

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