Recruiting Services

Contingency search — We are paid only for a successful search; payment is an agreed percentage of the candidate’s starting salary & we offer a replacement guarantee.

Retained search — You retain us for a search by paying an upfront fee and give us an exclusive to fill the position. Retained search is typically used to fill a critical position and sometimes when other, cheaper search options have been exhausted.

Contract recruiting — When you hire a large volume of employees may choose a contract recruiter. Under this arrangement, a human resources professional is hired from a staffing firm to recruit for a client company. The contract recruiter will work at the client company, under the direction of the client company. Typically the staffing firm and contract recruiter are paid based on an agreed hourly rate regardless of the number of candidates sourced and hired for the client company. Contract recruiting is often used as an alternative to contingency searches and it is also useful if the company is short-staffed in human resources and can benefit from having a recruiter on board quickly.