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Top Recruiter NETwork connects experienced Technical Sales Engineers with manufacturers, distributors, and System Integrators. These Technical Sales Engineers are knowledgeable in Industrial automation applications using this technology to control and monitor various processes and systems in different industries, such as manufacturing, energy, transportation, and healthcare. Industrial automation products are devices, components, or software that enable or enhance the automation of industrial operations. Some of the top industrial automation products are:

Programmable logic controllers (PLCs), which are electronic devices that can execute logic and control functions based on a set of instructions stored in their memory. PLCs are widely used to control machines, processes, and systems in various industries.
Human-machine interfaces (HMIs), are devices or software that allow users to interact with machines or systems, such as touchscreens, keyboards, mice, or voice recognition. HMIs provide information, feedback, and commands to the users and the machines or systems.
Industrial communication devices, which are devices or protocols that enable data transmission and exchange between machines, systems, or networks in an industrial environment. Industrial communication devices include wired or wireless technologies, such as Ethernet, fieldbus, wireless LAN, Bluetooth, or cellular.
Industrial sensors, are devices that can detect and measure physical quantities, such as temperature, pressure, level, flow, position, speed, or vibration. Industrial sensors provide data and signals to machines or systems for monitoring and control purposes.
Motion controllers, which are devices that can control the movement of motors, actuators, or robots in an industrial setting. Motion controllers can provide precise and accurate positioning, speed, torque, or force control for various applications.
Industrial software, which is software that can perform various functions for industrial automation, such as programming, configuration, simulation, optimization, analysis, visualization, or data management. Industrial software can run on different platforms, such as PCs, PLCs, HMIs, or cloud services.

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