Technical Sales

Technical Sales

Technical Sales Reps sell technology-based products and services. Therefore the “Technical Sales Rep” must have a strong understanding of the technical details of the products and/or services, plus have a strong understanding of the applications of the products, the scientific principles behind them, and how they work with – or compare to – similar products and services. Technical knowledge is critical but also must be coupled with the ability to relate to people.

Job Description: Technical Sales

The Technical Sales Rep must be able to prepare presentations with technical information about their products and services and be able to explain them to prospective clients. They should be able to conduct a needs assessment of the client’s requirements and select the appropriate solution while illustrating how that solution will reduce costs or increase the client’s production. In many cases, they work with application engineers or sales support people to assess customer needs and present a solution.

Technical Sales Reps work for manufacturers, OEMs, and independent sales organizations, including value-added resellers, or VARs.

Education Requirements: Technical Sales
BS Degree – Usually Engineering
Most Companies prefer their sales representatives to have an electrical or mechanical engineering degree. Having a user experience of the product or service prior to entering sales is very helpful.

Technical Sales Reps are usually compensated based on their performance. They may be paid a straight salary with bonuses, or a salary with commissions based on sales volume and sometimes may be paid strictly on commission.

Usually, the more experience you have, the more money you can make, provided you continue to keep your technical knowledge up to date, improve your sales techniques, and build strong relationships with clients.

Experience Areas:
Top Recruiter NETwork recruits Technical Sales Reps in the areas where we provide technical candidates such as computer hardware & software (Programmers, DecOps, etc), Factory Automation (PLCs, motors, drives, etc), and communications (networks), and Cyber-Security.

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