Top 5 Robot Applications

Here are the top 5 applications for industrial robots:

Industrial robots have been in use for about 50 years and today, many different applications can be done by robots. But which ones are the most popular? Here are the top 5 applications for industrial robots:

1 – Robotic handling operations (38%)

1- Material handling is the most popular application with 38% of operational stock of industrial robots worldwide. This includes conveyor systems, palatalizing, etc. With the introduction of collaborative robots in the last few years, this part of the market is continues to increase.

Applications: Material handling – picking, packing, palletizing and part transfer robots
2 – Robotic Welding (29%)

This segment mostly includes spot welding and arc welding applications More small work shops are beginning to introduce welding robot into their production.

Advanced robotic technology coupled with arc welding processes help make manufacturing operations more competitive in terms of cost and quality.

3 – Robotic Assembly (10%)

Assembly operations include: fixing, press-fitting, inserting, disassembling, etc. Robots suit the assembly manufacturing process. Advantages of Industrial Assembly Robots include:

a. Increased Flexibility from Fixed Automation
b. Minimized Errors through Robotic Vision
c. Maximized Throughput through High Speed & Performance
d. Increased System Uptime

4 – Robotic Dispensing (4%)

Here we are talking about painting, gluing, applying adhesive sealing, spraying, etc.  Only 4% of the opreational robots are doing dispensing. The smoothnest of robot makes a repetable and accurate process.
5 – Robotic Processing (2%)

Processing is not a big segment of industrial robots (only 2%) and this is probably because a lot of automated machines are available on the market to do specifically these applications.

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